Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism therapies involve a variety of theories and techniques designed to lesson the impairing behaviors and symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders. At New Transitions Counseling Center, we understand that each individual with Autism presents with their own unique set of strengths and areas of need.

Our philosophy supports tailoring therapies that meet these individual needs. Our therapists are trained in working with children and adults who are on this spectrum and strive to promote the highest level of independence and quality of life for these individual and their families. Treatment is designed to enhance social emotional regulation, motor planning, coordination, relationship building, and independent life skills. Through the use of specialty interventions which include sensory integration, social thinking, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, developmental models, and emotional training, clients will have the opportunity to enhance their life skills and build upon their hopes and dreams. Our recreational therapy, for adults and youth, offers a structured opportunity to socialize with others and learn and practice life skills. 

We believe that each individual’s support system is a critical factor in ensuring growth and personal success. Family therapy and training for school personnel is an integral part of our program which allows for greater understanding of individual needs in all areas of life functioning. Best practice stresses the importance of the integration of individual goals with connectivity to a team of support to allow for maximal satisfaction and growth. Here at New Transitions, we hope to provide this opportunity for growth in a meaningful way for each individual and their family. In addition to our recreational therapy, we have parent support groups for parents of those with Autism to provide support and therapy to the family unit as a whole.

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