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Absolutely love Dr. Culver and Jim R.

Absolutely love Dr. Culver and Jim R. Dr. Culver has been working with our family for over a year and a half now and he REALLY gets our struggles. He is so quick to point out the positives and really hone in on the "can" versus the "can't". He's been key in our successes and my son just adores him.  He really looks up to Dr. Culver.…Read More


Susan strikes the right balance between hard work and fun

Susan strikes the right balance between hard work and fun - injecting humor, variety and a carefully measured level of challenge - to ensure that my son leaves each OT session feeling motivated and successful.  Watching him master motor skills in OT and then confidently apply them in school demonstrates how effective her approach is.…Read More


Dr. Culver and his team take therapy to the next level

Dr. Culver and his team take therapy to the next level with their one of a kind social group. Our son is exposed to a safe environment where he can interact with his peers, and use the social tools he has been taught. New Transition has created the opportunity for our son to have fun and master skills that will last a lifetime.…Read More


Real Life Approach

Before Jim Rentoulis started seeing my son he was a lost angry young man. In just a few short months the difference in my son is astounding. He is a different man and it all because of Jim. His experience working with young people is apparent and his real life approach work so well. He seems to “get it”. My son has a ways to go but I know with Jim’s help he will get there. …Read More


Thank you Dr. Culver

Dr. Culver has been a God send, not only for my son but for our whole family. I can honestly say that I do not know what we do without him. He has been working with my son for two years now and the difference he has made in my son and our everyday life is amazing. His compassionate yet straight up approach is refreshing. Thank you Dr. Culver. …Read More


Exactly what our son needed!

Dr. Culver is exactly what our son needed. After two failed attempts we found a place where he felt safe and comfortable. We are happy to report that he is more confident, has higher self-esteem and is not afraid to express himself. And most importantly he is happy and more successful than ever in school! When exciting things happen he wants to tell Dr. Culver. Thanks for making such a difference …Read More