Getting through the holidays can be challenging. Many people in the Palatine area experience anxiety and depression as the current year ends and the new one begins. New Transition Counseling Services also knows that the new year can be one of transformation when you seek the support of depression counseling.

Today, we’re sharing five resolutions for the new year to help you find relief from your depression.

Focus On Your Controllables

One of the best things you can do when battling negative thoughts is to stop, take inventory of how you’re feeling, analyze why you’re feeling that way, and concentrate on what you can control. Sometimes you can’t handle the situations you find yourself in, but you can take the time to think about your responses and reactions. Sometimes a deep breath can help give you a little extra time to accept the situation you find yourself in and begin moving toward a solution.

Surround Yourself With Positive Support

If you have people around you feeding your negative outlook, should you have them around? The beginning of the new year can be a great time to take stock of your relationships to see if any of them have turned toxic. If you find that your time with certain people leaves you feeling bad about yourself, give yourself the freedom to move on from your relationship. They don’t deserve your time.

Don’t Stop Yourself From Accepting Help!

One of the things about depression is that it wants you to be alone. If you can’t talk through what you’re currently experiencing, it’s easy for depression to take root and for you to begin to spiral and feed that sense of loneliness. The thing about it is, you have a strong support network here to help. Although it can be challenging, permit yourself to seek assistance when you need it, you are worth it.

Transform The Way You Think With Positive Affirmations

Depression gives your negative self-thoughts a megaphone, so they become the only thing you can focus on. The best way to combat depression’s internal monologue is to utilize positive affirmations. Writing down the things about yourself that you know to be true can be an excellent way to help shift your self-thoughts to a more positive space.

Seek Depression Counseling Treatment Today

With non-invasive treatments, like cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, depression counseling can help you understand where your negative thoughts come from and how to stop them in their tracks. Every day, more and more treatments are discovered, and seeking help from a professional counselor ensures that you’re always aware of all the new methods of treating depression.

The new year brings new changes. If you’re serious about making a positive transformation, Palatine’s New Transitions Counseling Centre can help facilitate your depression counseling and show you a better way. Contact us today to speak about the numerous treatment options available to you and find out more about us.