This time of year, you heard a lot about all the things people don’t like about themselves, and what they are going to do to change it. Whether they’re trying to lose weight, save more money, or quit smoking, it’s all about what they are doing wrong. While there is nothing wrong with self-improvement, this time of year also presents an incredible opportunity to heal the most important relationship in your life: your relationship with yourself. Instead of thinking of all the ways you need to change, why not resolve to love yourself more in 2019, just the way you are? In this article, we will give you some ideas for resolutions that will help you love yourself more.

Express More Gratitude

Instead of looking at everything you aren’t, try looking at everything you are. What qualities are you grateful to have? Extend your gratitude to everyone and everything in your life that adds to its quality. This year, spend more time reflecting on what makes you grateful to be alive. Set aside time daily to practice gratitude, whether you write it down or meditate on this idea.

Say “No” More

If you are a chronic people pleaser, you probably struggle to set boundaries and say “no.” The only person you are responsible for making happy is yourself. It’s okay to disappoint other people and turn down obligations when you need “you” time. Too often, we feel compelled to fulfill everyone else’s needs and put our own on the backburner. In 2019, don’t be afraid to turn down commitments that are going to drain you in any way.

Give Your Body Love

In our culture, it’s not only common, it’s expected for you to hate your body. There are entire industries built on the idea that your body isn’t good enough, and so everywhere you go, there are messages telling you to change. This year, try to add some perspective to these messages. When you find yourself beating yourself up because your body isn’t “perfect,” think about who profits off of you hating your body. Spend some time looking in the mirror and appreciating the physical qualities you have that are attractive to you, regardless of what they tell you in the media.

Treat Yourself Like a Friend

Too often, our inner critic drowns out any of the positive feedback we get from others. Yet if anyone spoke to your best friend the way you speak to yourself, you would be outraged. Tap into the love, empathy, and respect you have for your best friend by treating yourself this way. It may help to mentally speak to yourself in the third person, or take pause any time you feel negativity coming up to think about what you best friend would say about that thought.

Go to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many people are under the impression that you should only go to therapy if there is something seriously wrong with your mental health, but in reality, everyone could benefit from therapy. Even if you don’t have a mental health disorder, working with a professional therapist can be a powerful way to learn to better love yourself by healing past wounds and discovering more about who you really are. By going to therapy, you have time every week that is schedule just for yourself. If you’re interested in trying cognitive behavioral therapy in Palatine, we would love to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.