Adult Social Recreational Therapy GroupThis group is designed for individuals with high functioning autism spectrum disorders and those with social skill challenges who are interested in meeting new friends and expanding their areas of interest. It provides young adults with the skills they need to successfully navigate through everyday social situations with greater confidence.

This group will provide the opportunity for young adults to develop a social network of friends that fits their interests through the use of social thinking concepts and supported therapeutic interventions.

This group meets every Friday night from 7:00 to 8:00p.m. for 18 years old and older.

Benefits of Adult Social Therapy Group:

    • Develop social thinking skills for independence in the community
    • Enhance social interactive skills
    • Develop successful relationships with others
    • Provides purpose to members’ lives
    • Identify feelings and problems
    • Change old behavior patterns and develop new ones

Contact us at New Transitions Counseling Center, serving the Palatine, IL area. We also have autism support groups for youth, kids under 18 years old.