High School and College can be a complicated and challenging time for all student athletes. New Transitions Counseling Center has found that student athletes are faced with the demands of performing their best in both the athletic and academic arenas. Due to traveling, relentless practicing, and competition, athletes ultimately experience less time for academics, which heightens their stress levels. Building a trusting relationship with a therapist in a supportive and confidential milieu that is outside the athletic environment can be beneficial for student athletes due to the demands placed on them.

New Transitions Counseling Center therapists can help provide stress management in order for high school and college athletes to reach their peak performances. Therapists at New Transitions Counseling Center offer the prospect of talking to someone who is not a teammate about a variety of issues that are impacting successes on and off the playing field. Common problems that student athletes present with include the following: performance related anxiety, displaced anger, depression and anxiety, academic worries, substance abuse problems, and conflicts between coaches and teammates.