1. Do I Have PTSD?

    Have you recently been through a traumatic event that you just can’t seem to get off your mind? Maybe you find yourself doing anything you can to distract yourself from it, such as by drinking to excess or engaging in risky behaviors, but it keeps coming back to you in nightmares. Maybe it’s affecting your work because it’s difficult to focus, or you are struggling to feel close to loved one…Read More

  2. This National Wellness Week, Focus On Your Emotional Health

    Every year during the third week of September, we celebrate National Wellness Week, which is part of National Recovery Month led by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). During this week, we look for ways that we can better incorporate the eight dimensions of wellness into our lives. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness Emotional: Effectively coping with the challenge…Read More

  3. Am I Afraid of Commitment?

    You have probably heard the term “commitment phobe” before. Maybe you know someone who has had a string of one night stands but never deeper relationships, or someone who seems to avoid any situation that could be considered remotely romantic. Maybe you even recognize yourself in one of these descriptions. A romantic relationship is not required to have a meaningful, rich life, but if it’s s…Read More

  4. Suicide Grief: What You Need to Know

    The recent deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade have opened up a renewed conversation about suicide. These tragedies have the whole country reeling, and if you have a loved one who died by suicide, you may feel particularly impacted by recent media coverage. It’s difficult to grieve any loved one’s passing, but when their death is due to suicide, it’s normal to feel a complicated mix of…Read More

  5. Lesser Known Signs of Depression

    You probably know the classic symptoms of depression: low mood, excessive crying, loss of interest in things you love, and withdrawing from others, for example. However, there are many, lesser known signs of depression that you might overlook. It’s important to understand the different ways that depression manifests so that if you or a loved one shows signs of depression, you can get help prompt…Read More

  6. The Importance of Intimacy in a Relationship

    At New Transitions Counseling Center, we often work with couples and individuals with intimacy issues. Intimacy isn’t easy. It requires showing someone parts of yourself that you prefer to hide from the world, and for many people, due to past trauma or dysfunctional family dynamics, intimacy has always been something to be avoided. That being said, it is absolutely worth the effort to be intimat…Read More

  7. 5 Benefits of Art Therapy

    Art brings meaning to life. Whether you enjoy a day trip to the Art Institute of Chicago on a regular basis or not, there is a visual masterpiece that speaks to you. This is because art isn’t simply made to be beautiful; it is designed to provoke an emotional response. On the other side of that process, making art also has an emotional impact on its creator. This is why art therapy, also known a…Read More

  8. How to Take Things Less Personally

    It’s normal to feel hurt when others wrong you. However, oftentimes, people’s actions have nothing to do with you, yet they can still sting. Sensitive people in particular often find that any sort of criticism or perceived slight is enough to devastate their self-esteem. The depth of feeling you experience makes it much harder to not take things personally. While you may know intellectually th…Read More

  9. 5 Relationship Red Flags To Watch Out For

    Relationships take work. As much as you might love your partner, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a healthy partnership. Over time, if communication is not open and there is a lack of trust, it’s common for these red flags to present themselves. When this happens, it’s important to address them immediately. While the thought of facing your relationship problems might scare or overwhelm…Read More

  10. How to Show Your Partner That You Care

    At New Transitions Counseling Center, it’s not unusual for our clients to express that they feel their partner just doesn’t really care anymore. Life gets busy, and it can be easy to accidentally take your partner for granted. In order to foster a deeper and more meaningful relationship, it’s important to show your partner that you care every day. This doesn’t mean that you need to go the …Read More