1. About Personal Counseling at New Transitions

    Whether it entails marriage counseling or family therapy, personal counseling can make a positive impact on your life. Our experts at the New Transitions Counseling Center in Palatine, IL, will be there to support your unique personal counseling needs. There are often times when you need to talk with someone who can help you sort your issues and we'll be available to help you in any situation. Lea…Read More

  2. Keeping Healthy While At Home: Mentally and Physically

    The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused a large shift in how we live our day to day lives. With people working from home, businesses shutting down, and limits on how much we can get out of the house, this time has caused mass amounts of uncertainty. We want to remind you that these feelings of uncertainty are okay. Everyone is going through this together, and while it may seem like a scary time, …Read More

  3. Coronavirus and Mental Health Coping Mechanisms

    From mandated government stay-at-home orders to gut wrenching stories on the news, the coronavirus has caused more than just physical harm to our world. Yes, the spreading of this unknown virus has caused deadly and horrible stories, but it has also caused many feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other feelings that can be harmful to our mental health. In this blog post, we are going …Read More

  4. How To Cope With Anxiety As The World Opens Up

    Although the coronavirus is still affecting the world, we are seeing that the world has begun to open up. Life went from being completely normal to it being shut down almost overnight. We stayed inside and watched countless hours of Netflix, learned new recipes, and began to appreciate the downtime from our busy lives. Now that we’re all used to working from home, social distancing, and only lea…Read More

  5. How To Help Children Cope During The Pandemic

    This is one of the most unprecedented times in not only American history but world history as well. While it can be difficult for adults to cope with the unknown and constant change, it is just as difficult, if not more, for children to understand and cope. Today we are going to be going over how you can understand and help your child during this time of change and unknown. Let’s take a deeper l…Read More

  6. Sheltering in Place Alone: How to Combat Loneliness

    Life as we know it has been entirely disrupted by the global pandemic. You may have lost your job, or have switched to working from home. If you live alone, this means that you might be entirely isolated from other people. This might mean that you are dealing with feeling extremely lonely, anxious, or depressed. This might make it tempting to put yourself and others at risk by socializing despite …Read More

  7. Helping Your Child With Autism Adjust During the Pandemic

    Families are experiencing unique difficulties in quarantine. Many parents are learning how to teach their children at home for the first time, and may be coping with grief from cancelled graduation ceremonies and other important end-of-year milestones. It can be very difficult to explain what’s happening to our children when we aren’t truly sure ourselves what the future will look like or how …Read More

  8. Tips for Self-Isolating With Your Partner

    Because of the pandemic, many people are sheltering in place, whether by order from their state or local government or as a way to support essential workers during this stressful time. As a result, couples are spending more time together than ever. This presents a unique opportunity to reconnect, particularly for couples who are usually too busy to get quality time. Yet with that opportunity also …Read More

  9. Mental Health Tips for Social Distancing

    As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the country, many people are taking necessary precautions to protect their physical health by practicing social distancing. It’s equally important to take protective measures for your mental health at this time, as the uncertainty and fear around the spread of the disease has caused high levels of anxiety.  If you’re feeling anxious, depressed, frustrat…Read More

  10. How to Help Your Child with Autism Thrive

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) comes with unique challenges for children and their parents. When your child first receives an autism diagnosis, you might feel worried about what comes next and how to best support them. There is a lot of misinformation about autism out there, which may make parents especially fearful for their child’s future. While autism is a lifelong condition, there are many t…Read More