When you’re looking for therapy, there are so many different options, it can be overwhelming. Depending on your particular needs, you may seek out a marriage and family therapist, a social worker, a psychiatrist, or a psychologist, just to name a few. At New Transitions Counseling Center, we have therapists on staff with a variety of educational backgrounds and licenses, including clinical psychologists. 

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is a specialty that focuses on diagnosing and treating mental health conditions. A clinical psychologist might give direct mental health care to individuals or families; provide education, training, and supervision to agencies; and engage in psychological research. Clinical psychologists are experts in psychometrics, so they are often responsible for giving cognitive, behavioral, or mental tests to assess an individual. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of mental illness, it’s common for clinical psychologists to work with people with severe psychopathology, but they can address a wide variety of issues. 

What are the Benefits of Clinical Psychology? 

If you are in need of mental health care, you may benefit from seeing a clinical psychologist in Palatine. Clinical psychologists are uniquely qualified to provide psychological assessments, therefore, if you believe that you or your loved one has a cognitive or behavioral condition, a clinical psychologist may be the right fit for your needs. If you already have a diagnosed mental illness, a clinical psychologist can provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to help you manage your symptoms. 

People with severe mental illness may be choosing between seeing a psychologist and seeing a psychiatrist. This is ultimately a personal choice; however, it is worth noting that generally, a clinical psychologist will spend more time working with you. It’s typical for psychiatrist appointments to be brief (less than 15 minutes) and focused on finding the right prescription medication for someone struggling with mental illness. In contrast, a clinical psychologist spends at least an hour per session working with the client on the therapeutic and behavioral interventions that will best support their wellbeing. 

Why Choose New Transitions Counseling Center?

New Transitions Counseling Center is proud to have clinical psychologists on our team. Our mission is to help individuals and families uncover their true potential and lead lives that are more connected and filling. Whether you are struggling with depression, have a child on the autism spectrum, or are grieving the loss of a loved one, we are here to provide the support that you need during this difficult time. We aim to address the behavioral or thoughts patterns that are holding you back from living the life you have always wanted. 

Schedule a Consultation 

If you’re interested in working with a clinical psychologist in Palatine, we would love to help you on your journey towards mental wellness. Our clinical psychologists are currently accepting new patients! Contact New Transitions Counseling Center today to schedule your consultation.