couples1Couples and marriage counseling at New Transitions Counseling Center focuses on strengthening the relationship while addressing and changing distress patterns that cause conflict. Our therapists help to create a safe environment for couples to openly discuss, learn, and apply healthy interpersonal skills.

Some of which include assertive communication, developing empathy towards one another’s perspective, and learning how to form a secure attachment between partners in order to replace anger and contempt with love and reassurance. In addition, couples can rediscover how to enjoy spending time together and have fun in their relationship while attending to the issues, which brought them into therapy.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling Include:

  • Increase self-awareness of each partner
  • Ability to identify problem areas
  • Learn and apply effective communication skills and empathy
  • Form secure attachment patterns to form intimacy
  • Develop new ways to build connection and have fun in the relationship.

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