FamilyFamilies play a vital role in the treatment of any health problem. Family therapy uniquely addresses the interdependent environment of family relationships and how these relationships affect the identified client and other family members either positively or negatively. Research on the effectiveness of family therapy suggests that there is not necessarily a dominant approach to family therapy. However, a plethora of studies have indicated Structural Family Therapy to be a useful model for treating an array of disorders.

At New Transitions Counseling Center, we have found that Structural Family Therapy model not only provides a lens for understanding the dynamics of families, it provides efficient strategies for addressing the problems at the level of family organization. New Transitions Counseling Center family therapists have found that structural interventions provide parents with a sense of direction. Because many of these interventions are performed during the session, parents begin to believe in their ability to make changes.


New Transition Counseling Center’s family therapists are committed to the family and actively promote change during sessions through powerful interventions created to address conflict while instilling hope.

Benefits of Family Therapy:

  • Prepare the family for a major life change such as a divorce or remarriage
  • Understand how their family functions
  • Improve communication skills
  • Resolve a specific issue
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within the family system
  • Acquire strategies to resolve challenges

Because having a strong marriage is helpful to the family unit, come see us for marriage and family therapy or individual therapy. Contact us to schedule an appointment.