group1Group therapy at New Transitions Counseling Center embodies an environment that is based on safety and respect, which promotes group cohesion as well as individual growth.  Group therapy provides support and encouragement to members who are striving toward the goal of improving overall well-being and quality of life. Group therapy usually involves two therapist and six to twelve group members with similar difficulties. Receiving group feedback from members in a supportive atmosphere is a critical component to New Transitions Counseling Center’s group therapy.

Through group member feedback, we have found that many of our group members are helped by listening to others and thinking about how what others are saying might apply to them. Our group leaders usher group members in providing feedback in an honest, yet respectful way so that you can understand and make use of new insights and experiences.New Transitions Counseling Center group therapy is twofold. One, we encourage members to engage in new behaviors, role play and interact with others. Second, we promote accepting valuable feedback and insight from other group members and encourage giving it.

Benefits of Group Therapy:

  • Emotional support network
  • Understanding & encouragement from peers
  • Provides purpose to members’ lives
  • Realize you’re not alone and form new relationships
  • Develop strategies for facing your own concerns
  • Develop successful skills to relate to others

Types of Group Therapy at New Transitions Counseling Center:

Youth Social Recreational Therapy Group

Adult Social Recreational Therapy Group

Play Group

Girls Group

Support Group for Parents