The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused a large shift in how we live our day to day lives. With people working from home, businesses shutting down, and limits on how much we can get out of the house, this time has caused mass amounts of uncertainty. We want to remind you that these feelings of uncertainty are okay. Everyone is going through this together, and while it may seem like a scary time, there are certain things that you can do to help maintain some sense of normalcy, especially when it comes to your health. In this blog post, we will be discussing some ways that you can maintain your physical and mental health while still adhering to the various restrictions set in place. Keep reading to learn more! 


Social distancing is still important. The CDC has defined social distancing as “remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (about six feet) away from others when possible.” People have also been using the term “quarantine” or “social isolation,” which are essentially also relating back to the same thing. While many places are beginning to open up, and it’s giving life a more normal sense, life is still causing many feelings of anxiety, isolation, and more. So, it’s important that you keep yourself active during this time. We want you to know that feelings of heightened anxiety, depression, or other feelings are normal and okay.


Stay Moving and Active

It can be easy to want to stay on the couch all day while binge-watching your favorite television show, but it’s important that you stay active. Try and imagine your normal routine. Even though your routine has been anything but normal. What were you doing then? Of course, times have changed, and your routine is going to be different, but try to keep it as similar as possible. If you’re someone who walked around a lot at their job, try and do the same thing. Get out and get moving. Whether this is a walk around the block or a few laps around your home, standing up and moving can help relieve stress, feelings of anxiety, and keeps you from living a sedentary life. Depending on where you live, some gyms and other exercise centers may be opening, which if you feel safe, attending these can help too.


Continue Your Exercise Routine 

Similarly to what we just discussed, try and keep your routine. If you were giving specific exercises from a doctor or therapist, keep doing those. Not only will these help give you some form of exercise, but it will also make sure that you’re keeping yourself healthy and that your body is continuing to heal. Usually, a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind, so continuing with any recommended movement or exercise is good. If you stop doing your recommended exercises, this can put a strain on your body and delay any healing or progress you may have made, which can also affect your mental health. Make this a part of your daily routine and continue as you would. 


Eat Whole and Nutritious Foods 

In times of stress, it can be tempting to turn to your favorite comfort foods, and while it’s okay to indulge here and there, make sure you’re fueling your body with whole, nutritious, and healthy foods. No matter what your own motivation is to eat healthy, keeping yourself full of nutritious foods is going to help keep you on your normal routine, plus it helps make you feel better. Cooking can even become a fun activity that helps you stay moving and connected with your loved ones. Sharing recipes, having your family help you, and enjoying a meal together can help us stay connected both physically and mentally during these times of social distancing. Cooking meals at home also tends to be healthier than eating take out food, you can control the portions and know exactly what is in your food. 


Stay Connected With Loved Ones 

Social distancing can take a toll on our mental health due to the lack of human connection. It’s more important than ever to take time to reach out to those that you love. Whether this is a phone call, video chat, or even sending them a letter in the mail, staying connected will not only help you but it will help the person you’re reaching out too. It can get lonely sometimes so showing that you care for people can do more than you imagined. You may even be able to see people in person, depending on your comfort levels. Restaurants have started to open so getting out for a nice patio meal could be just what you’re needing. 


If you’re struggling, no matter how much, New Transitions Counseling Center is here to help you. We currently are offering in-person services and telehealth services, so if you’re comfortable coming into our office or wanting to stay at home, we can help! Learn more about our various forms of therapy and connect with us today to schedule an appointment. 


New Transitions is following closely to the CDC’s recommendations that are pertaining to the coronavirus and will be posting updates about the steps we are taking to help distance and care at this time. We’re also utilizing various cleaning practices in order to maintain requirements set out by the state. If you’re feeling sick, we ask that you call our office before coming in.