New Transitions Counseling Center provides a support group for parents of children with special needs. This group meets to provide an opportunity for adults to support each other in their parenting of children with unique needs, as well as provide ideas and coping skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in a challenging household environment. Having a child with special needs can be very difficult on the entire family spirit to dedicate time and attention to raising children, especially those with special needs. Ultimately, it can take a toll on the human spirit that needs nurturing and healthy attention and our parent support groups can help with learning strategies for this.

In this support group, parents will learn positive coping strategies to allow for their own personal growth and rejuvenation of their own energy levels in order to provide their children the support they need to success in everyday life skills. There will also be time dedicated to sharing of parenting ideas and strategies for challenging situations for those who experience them on a daily basis. To know you are not alone in your lifestyle can be very healing for each other in our quest to be the best we can be for our children.

Benefits of our Parent Support Group:

  • Receive emotional support
  • Provide on-going support
  • Help in time of crisis
  • Learn positive coping strategies
  • Sharing of parenting ideas, strategies, and resources
  • Realize you’re not alone and form new relationships

New Transitions Counseling Center offers this parent support group, family therapy, individual therapy and more. Contact our office to find out more information and to schedule an appointment.