playgroup1Play Therapy provides children with special needs the developmental skills that help them adapt socially with other children their age. Our specialized occupational and recreational therapy group treatment provides children with sensory integration techniques in conjunction with social thinking concepts in order to develop positive play interactions and build cooperative play skills.
Our therapists are trained in sensory integration and social thinking concepts including the zones of regulation and the superflex curriculum, which we have found extremely beneficial to young children with a variety of special needs, but especially those with autism spectrum disorders.

Benefits of Occupational Play Group:

  • Improved fine motor, gross motor and visual perceptual skills
  • Increases social participation and self-regulation
  • Identify feelings and problems
  • Change old behavior patterns and develop new ones

We also offer parent support groups to give parents tips, skills and strategies for parenting for children with autism spectrum disorders. New Transitions is here to support the whole family. Contact us for more information.