presentation1Gaming Addiction:

Dr. Culver discuss the basics of understanding gaming addiction and provide parents with strategies to confront gaming addiction.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (For Professionals):

Susan Richey and Dr. Culver discuss fostering acceptance of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders within the regular education setting. A professional workshop designed to give educational teams a deeper understanding of autism spectrum disorders, student’s atypical behaviors and ideas on how to turn sticky situations into leaning experiences for all students.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (For Students):

Susan Richey and Dr. Culver present on understanding special needs and accepting individual differences. This is an interactive presentation for students of any age group that will foster understanding of each other’s differences in order to build healthy relationships among students and promote acceptance.

Athletes and Teams:

In a down to earth style, Dr. Culver openly talks to High School and College student-athletes regarding alcohol and drugs and the impact that they can have on the individual athlete as well the entire team.

Anna Sponsel and Dr. Culver discuss what self-esteem is and how to get more of it.