1. Helping Your Child With Autism Adjust During the Pandemic

    Families are experiencing unique difficulties in quarantine. Many parents are learning how to teach their children at home for the first time, and may be coping with grief from cancelled graduation ceremonies and other important end-of-year milestones. It can be very difficult to explain what’s happening to our children when we aren’t truly sure ourselves what the future will look like or how …Read More

  2. How to Help Your Child with Autism Thrive

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) comes with unique challenges for children and their parents. When your child first receives an autism diagnosis, you might feel worried about what comes next and how to best support them. There is a lot of misinformation about autism out there, which may make parents especially fearful for their child’s future. While autism is a lifelong condition, there are many t…Read More

  3. Does My Child Have ADHD?

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts children’s ability to function at school. ADHD can influence how well a child performs academically, but it can also create tension in their relationships and affect their self-esteem.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to diagnose ADHD. The symptoms can manifest in many different ways, and …Read More

  4. How to Teach Your Child About Mental Health

    A lot of parenting is teaching your child how to take care of themselves. You teach them how to brush their teeth, eat a balanced diet, and go to bed on time. These are all beneficial for their overall health, but what are you teaching them about mental health? Mental health continues to be a growing concern for the youngest members of society as a child under 13 dies by suicide every five days on…Read More

  5. How to Talk to Your Teenager Daughter About Dating

    You never forget your first love. Maybe you were holding hands with your first significant other at the tender age of 14, or maybe you didn’t have any romantic entanglements until after high school graduation. Regardless of your age at the time, your first exposure to dating had a lasting effect on how you view love, sex, and relationships. If you have a teen daughter, you want to make sure that…Read More

  6. How to Help Your Child With Separation Anxiety

    It’s a natural part of growing up for your child to feel some anxiety about being separated from you. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ease their anxiety, and with time, their symptoms should fade. However, for some children, separation anxiety becomes a long-term problem, so it’s important to understand it fully so you can support your child. What is Separation Anxiety? Separ…Read More

  7. 5 Benefits of Art Therapy

    Art brings meaning to life. Whether you enjoy a day trip to the Art Institute of Chicago on a regular basis or not, there is a visual masterpiece that speaks to you. This is because art isn’t simply made to be beautiful; it is designed to provoke an emotional response. On the other side of that process, making art also has an emotional impact on its creator. This is why art therapy, also known a…Read More

  8. Is Your Teen Depressed?

    Adolescence is a difficult time in life, from changes in your body to questions about your identity to navigating relationships with your peers. With the amount of uncertainty and turmoil that teenagers face, it is sometimes difficult to discern whether moodiness is the result of normal growth during this time in life or something more serious. Depression affects about 20 percent of teenagers in t…Read More

  9. 10 Things to Explore in Your Child’s Prospective Counselor

    Finding a counselor for your child can be a very daunting task. It can feel very risky because your child’s well-being is at stake. We have gathered ten questions to ask possible counselors in order to get a full picture. Is the therapist licensed to practice in your state? (You can check with the state board, or check if the license is displayed in the office.) What are his/her credentials? Is …Read More