Want to know how to help your teenager or young adult build her self confidence and know how to have meaningful/lasting interactions with others around her? New Transitions Counseling Center offers group therapy to females ranging from ages 12-24 years of age.  This group runs in 3 separate sessions (Jr. high, High School, and Young Adult) for 90 min. and encompasses art therapy, experiential learning, recreation therapy, and cognitive-behavioral techniques. Girls develop healthy relationships in group which serve as a bridge to forming healthy relationships in their families, schools, etc. More specifically, girls will learn to build positive relationships with peers, staff, and community members through group counseling, mentoring, and experiential activities.

Challenges such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-injury, and trauma are treated in group therapy while involving positive female mentors in the community to collectively empower and create lasting change in female clients’ lives.  Through laughter, connection, and skill-building girls learn how to cope and apply healthy alternatives to the challenges that brought them into therapy.

Benefits of Therapy Groups for Girls

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Receive emotional support
  • Resolve conflicts with oneself and people
  • Identify beliefs, feelings and behaviors that are negatively impacting our disposition
  • Try out new solutions to old problems
  • Analyze and challenge media messages
  • Leadership skills
  • Improve relationships with friends or family
  • Meaningful interactions with peers
  • Acquire skills to successfully navigate through everyday social situations with greater confidence.

This support group provides learning, but the girls will build relationships with each other as they participate. Contact us at New Transitions Counseling Center for more information about the girl’s group and more therapy opportunities, like individual and family therapies.